Our aim at Moth and Mirror is simply to create beautiful things. The name is a reflection of the combining of organic, natural materials, represented by the moth, and the mirror, which represents the fine metal leaf.  Our pieces are a fusion of the textures and sheen of lush wood with the fire and light of exquisite precious metals.  The result is something that’s a little bit of alchemy, a lot of luxury and entirely desirable.  Every item we create has an individual personality and is highly finished, elegant and eye catching.   They could make an excellent addition to your personal collection or a fantastic and unique gift.

Oil gilding and water gilding, which requires many layers of preparation before the leaf is applied, but can be burnished to a high sheen, are both used depending on the project or the client’s desires.  In addition to sumptuous 24 carat gold leaf we also use various gold alloys, copper, standard silver and several types of silver which have been treated to give them a wide variety of colours.  These unusual silvers originate from Japan and have been only very recently available in the United Kingdom.

In addition to our collections we will also undertake bespoke work, making whatever you need or desire from whatever wood and leaf you choose.  This could be anything from a unique focal piece of art customized to your home to the perfect wedding gift.

All of our pieces are hand turned by Richard Anthony Mills, a wood turner with many years of experience and then gilded by Lenore Zavitz, a professional gilder and gilding restorer.  We are a young company based in Sevenoaks, Kent and having showed very successfully at Spirit of Christmas at Kensington Olympia and other high end shows, we are now inviting inquiries from the retail market.